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  • In くぼみ — kubomi, the author uses a singing bowl and a mere décor piece of metal bowl, along with sounds of piano and western flute, to challenge the cultural appropriation and exotic expectations on singing bowls or sang ohm. These metal bowls are commonly associated with Tibetan Buddhism, but seem more tied to meditation as a popular spiritual practice in the U.S. This phenomenon seems to the author an example of an imaginative exoticism based on mixed information that slowly earned a cultural myth that people accepted as a foreign culture.
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  • This interdisciplinary project is a musical mime performance that utilizes the mime’s movements to generate sounds in real-time. For this purpose, the performer wears a glove with an embedded wireless motion sensor. The receiving data from the sensors generate real-time sounds through a MAX/MSP patch and creates the required music for the performance. Silent Music uses the mime’s body as a musical instrument and creates a particular relationship between musical events and gestures.
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