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  • This is second work created for the Tweeter telematic musicking platform developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • “The Wonders” is one composition belonging to a larger international collaborative work entitled La Tempesta (2016). Inspired from the original Shakespeare work, “The Wonders” contemplates the importance of man’s relationship to nature; the oceans, and all life therein. It is hoped that “The Wonders” aesthetically persuades us to contemplate and consider our stewardship for the ecological survival of our oceans. From our thoughts come actions.
    Linda Marcel
  • (Un)real-time is a gestural performance for video telling the story through sound and movement of our past, present, and future relationship with technology.
  • This is a stereo mix down of my 5-channel piece “…and veiled between”

    We have all felt the tug of our conscience at one time or another in our lives. …and veiled between is a sonic realization of the battle that rages between our pride and our conscience as we struggle to make the right decisions in our lives. Memory and morality can become subjective as the voices in our head jockey for control of our soul. The text was sourced from the poem “Conscience” by Madison Julius Cawein, and Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche. Text recorded by Suzanne Pergal and John Mink.


    multichannel and stereo versions available (multichannel version preferred…)

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    Program Note

    …approaching a prayer for piano and electronics was written for composer and pianist Chen-Hui Jen. The work is the second work written by the composer in 2009 and 2010 for piano and electronics. Whereas the other work deals with abstract spiritual concepts, …approaching a prayer work deals with personal meditations and reflections on loss and eternity.

    Chen-Hui Jen and the composer premiered the work at Chapman University in January 2010.

  • beneath the universal strife, the hidden harmony in all things… for Percussion Trio and Live Electronics is my thesis that was performed on October 30th 2015 in Bryan Recital Hall at Bowling Green State University. This piece represents the elusive pursuit of peace and balance being interupted by chaos and disorder. Drone tones vocalized by the performers and augmented by the electronics are representitive of our attempts to attain balance, and are interupted by flurries of activity and chaos in the percussion. Throughout the piece the sections of order become longer and longer before they finally achieve a tenuous balance with the rhythmic gestures in the percussion.

    A HUGE THANK YOU to Kelly Gervin, Felix Reyes, and Michael Keller for performing this piece, and to Jen Meister for conducting it. This could not have happened without your talent and dedication.

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